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Creating a Multifunctional AV Solution for Abbotsford Christian School

Updated: Mar 1

In the fast-paced world of education, schools are constantly seeking innovative ways to enhance the learning environment and cater to the diverse needs of their students. Abbotsford Christian School (ACS) recently embarked on an ambitious project to construct a large room known as the learning commons, which would serve as a library, meeting space, and performance hall. However, they faced a significant challenge in integrating audio, video, and lighting systems that could accommodate these multiple functions seamlessly. This is where Sapphire stepped in to guide ACS through this complex process.

Sapphire recognized the unique requirements of ACS and the importance of creating an AV system that could cater not only to the school's needs but also to the requirements of external weekend rental groups. To address this challenge, Sapphire took a collaborative approach by engaging with the school, the builder, and key representatives to gather valuable insights and identify the essential features for the learning commons.

Drawing upon their expertise and extensive industry experience, Sapphire designed and delivered a comprehensive AV solution tailored specifically for ACS. The centerpiece of the system was a state-of-the-art d&b sound system, renowned for its exceptional audio quality and versatility. Complementing this was a Christie digital projection system, offering stunning visuals for presentations and performances. The lighting setup comprised of ChromaQ house lighting and Chauvet pro stage lighting, which provided flexibility and control over various lighting configurations. To further simplify operations, the inclusion of motorized trusses facilitated easy lighting adjustments using the skjonberg motor control system. The entire AV system was seamlessly integrated and controlled through a Crestron DMPS system with two touchscreens, allowing users to effortlessly recall lighting presets and manage audio. For larger events, a portable cart featuring an Allen and Heath SQ-6 console was made available.

The collaborative efforts between Sapphire and ACS resulted in an outstanding multifunctional AV system that exceeded expectations. The learning commons now boasts an intuitive and user-friendly setup that accommodates the diverse needs of students, staff, and external groups. From simple setups for day-to-day activities to advanced configurations for performances and events, the AV system provides unmatched ease of use and flexibility. The integration of cutting-edge technologies, such as the d&b sound system and Christie digital projection, has elevated the overall learning and performance experience within the space.

Through their meticulous planning, consultation, and technical expertise, Sapphire successfully guided Abbotsford Christian School in transforming their learning commons into a remarkable and adaptable space. The collaboration between Sapphire and ACS resulted in an AV solution that perfectly caters to the school's multifaceted needs. As ACS continues to evolve and embrace new technologies, the learning commons will undoubtedly serve as a testament to the power of innovative AV solutions in enhancing educational environments and inspiring creativity among students.

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