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Moxies West Georgia - Renovations in an Iconic Location

Updated: Apr 11

In the heart of Vancouver, an iconic restaurant faced a monumental challenge: a much-needed renovation to modernize its aesthetics and AV infrastructure, all within tight construction timelines. Adding to the complexity, the renovation also included an expansion of the outdoor patio area, requiring careful integration of audiovisual solutions. Recognizing the need for expert guidance, the restaurant turned to Sapphire to navigate this ambitious project.

With years of experience working with clients in hospitality, Sapphire was well postured to guide the restaurant through this transformative process, designing a distributed audio solution that would ensure even coverage and high-fidelity sound throughout the space. Additionally, they implemented a control system with tablet support, empowering even the least technical user the ability to manage audio and video with ease.

Sapphire curated a comprehensive AV package tailored to the restaurant's needs with industry-leading products such as JBL, Samsung and BSS, renowned for their exceptional performance and reliability.

The result? A transformed dining environment boasting even audio coverage, pristine aesthetics, and an inviting outdoor patio perfect for lively gatherings. This successful collaboration between Sapphire and this iconic Vancouver restaurant underscores the importance of thoughtful audiovisual integration in enhancing the overall dining experience. By leveraging top-notch technology and expertise, they've achieved a harmonious blend of form and function, solidifying the restaurant's status as a premier destination for exceptional cuisine and immersive audiovisual experiences.

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