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First Assembly Church Takes it to the Next Level with Immersive Audio Solution from Sapphire

Updated: Mar 1

Sapphire had the opportunity to work with First Assembly Church, a modern Pentecostal church that places great importance on music in their worship services. First Assembly's room presented a unique challenge as it wrapped 270 degrees around the stage, with a large under-balcony area and a low ceiling. The customer wanted to achieve stereo imaging, which was almost impossible in the space. Sapphire stepped in with a new solution that the industry had never seen before.

Instead of stereo imaging, Sapphire proposed the d&b Soundscape immersive solution, which enables "spatial" imaging rather than stereo. This technology was brand new, and First Assembly Church became the first church in the world to deploy it. The immersive solution required fewer speakers than stereo and provided incredible results.

Sapphire flew the First Assembly technical team to Infocomm to demo the solution, and the First Assembly crew was sold as soon as they heard it in action. The installation took place over two weeks, with the first week devoted to prep and wire pull while the system was left in place for weekend services. In week two, the old rig was removed, and the new system was installed, tuned, and users were trained prior to the weekend services, resulting in zero downtime.

The results were incredible, and the customer was thrilled. First Assembly Church achieved spatial imaging, which provided an immersive experience for their congregation that was on the leading edge of the immersive trend. Sapphire's innovative solution and dedication to excellence made it possible to overcome the challenges presented by the unique shape of the room. The installation of the d&b Soundscape immersive solution has provided an incredible audio experience for First Assembly Church, and Sapphire Sound is proud to have been a part of it.

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