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Grace Presbyterian Church: Modernizing a Historical Building for Live Streaming

Updated: Mar 1

Grace Presbyterian Church is a historical building with beautiful architecture, but it lacked the necessary technology to support modern live streaming capabilities. During the pandemic, the church pivoted to recording and editing services for their congregation, but they wanted to return to live services without sacrificing the high standard set by their post-production work.

Sapphire was tasked with bringing modern live streaming capabilities to the church while maintaining the historical aesthetic. Sapphire began by bringing in multiple cameras to demonstrate what the end result would be before the church committed to a purchase. However, the space had very low lighting, so Sapphire had to choose the right camera to ensure good low light performance. They selected the Panasonic AWUE150 camera, which has a large sensor size and performs well in low light.

Sapphire also implemented the Blackmagic ATEM switching and streaming system, along with the Allen & Heath SQ series audio mixer. Working closely with the church, Sapphire identified the best cable pathways for a discreet installation, minimizing any visible technology in the space.

The end result was a modern live stream with exceptional video and audio quality that was well-received by the church community. Grace Presbyterian Church now has a top-of-the-line live streaming system that blends seamlessly into the historical architecture of the building. Sapphire is proud to have helped modernize the church's technology while preserving its rich history.

If your organization is looking to modernize its AV capabilities while maintaining a certain aesthetic, Sapphire can help. Contact us today to learn more about our services.



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