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Jack Singer Concert Hall: Ultimate Flexibility

Updated: Mar 1

The Jack Singer Concert Hall at Arts Commons is a world class performance facility in Calgary, Alberta. When they engaged Sapphire in 2020, they were faced with a problem. Their existing PA system was 18 years old and was designed with the primary purpose of serving the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra - this meant that outside acts often overlooked the venue based on the performance of the audio system.

The requirement from the Calgary Philharmonic was a discreet system with a small footprint that could provide the quality of audio that is synonymous with their name. Sapphire worked with the incredibly knowledgeable team at Arts Commons as well as Meyer Sound to create a solution that outfitted the Jack Singer Concert Hall with an audio system that is second to none.

Sapphire installed a point source Meyer Sound PA and monitoring system for the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and also provided a full line array system that can be quickly deployed for higher SPL shows. This solution was the first use case of Meyer Sound's new MAPP 3D modelling software in Canada, allowing the designers to quickly and accurately depict system performance ahead of the deployment. This allowed venue staff to be confident that the two separate audio systems they were investing in would perform as required in their acoustically unique environment.

This deployment from Sapphire will ensure that the Jack Singer continues it's rich history of supporting world class acts for the City of Calgary.

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