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Mark Anthony Group Modernizes for Collaboration

Updated: Mar 1

Mark Anthony Group is one of the world's top alcoholic beverage producers, with brands like White Claw, Mike's Hard, Mission Hill Winery, and other brands under it's umbrella. When the COVID-19 Pandemic hit, the company wanted to continue the spirit of collaboration and maintain connections with their teams in the face of working remotely from the pandemic disruptions.

Sapphire worked with Mark Anthony Group's IT and work place experience teams to design and integrate digital collaboration solutions based on their boardroom requirements, sizes, and specific needs.

A series of Crestron Flex systems were installed that would use the Microsoft Teams platform. In larger meeting rooms, Shure MXA conferencing mics powered by Qsys amplified voices to facilitate greater collaboration and communication between their offices, staff, and vendors around the world. Sapphire designed and installed conference room systems in new offices in Vancouver and Calgary, while Montreal and several locations in the Okanagan were retro-fitted.

Mark Anthony Group's new systems offer them better meeting quality, collaboration spaces, and allows them to focus on growing their business globally. Sapphire and Mark Anthony Group have also consulted on international locations to bring them in line and give them the solutions that have worked so well in Canada.



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