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Sapphire's Transformative LED Solution for Celebration Church Edmonton

Celebration Church in Edmonton faced a pressing challenge with their outdated, low-resolution LED wall. The existing wall was at the end of its life, necessitating frequent and costly stage redesigns to maintain a fresh look. The church’s Broadcast ministry, which serves hundreds of online viewers weekly and is featured on the Miracle Channel, required a solution that performed exceptionally well on camera. Furthermore, the new LED wall had to fit perfectly in the available space at the back of the stage without exceeding the ceiling's weight rating and needed to maintain a clear backstage walkway. To address these complex requirements, Celebration Church turned to Sapphire.

Sapphire approached the project methodically, starting with product demos to ensure performance quality. They conducted meticulous on-site measurements to recommend a product that would optimally fill the available space. The team at Sapphire evaluated various pixel pitches to guarantee that the LED wall's resolution would be impressive even from the closest seating rows. Additionally, Sapphire sought products with a proven track record for reliability, parts availability, and strong manufacturer support, ensuring long-term value for the church.

After thorough evaluation, Sapphire installed 75 panels of Absen PL2.9XL to create a display this is 41' wide by 10' tall, paired with a Novastar H2 Processor and fiber transmission to the LED wall. The XL cabinets offered significant weight reduction without compromising versatility. Using fiber transmission minimized cable clutter and kept the backstage area clear of processing equipment, optimizing the space’s usability.

The new LED wall now fully occupies the upstage area, allowing Celebration Church to easily refresh their stage designs. This has significantly reduced the time and expense associated with frequent stage redesigns. The high-resolution Absen PL2.9XL panels deliver exceptional visual quality, enhancing the broadcast ministry's appeal on the Miracle Channel and to online viewers. The church can now easily create more engaging and visually captivating worship experiences, limited only by their imagination.

Sapphire’s tailored solution for Celebration Church Edmonton showcases their expertise in delivering complex AV projects. By meticulously assessing the church’s needs and leveraging cutting-edge technology, Sapphire provided a high-performance LED wall that elevates the worship experience and supports the church’s dynamic broadcast ministry. This successful project underscores the importance of innovative AV solutions in enhancing both in-person and remote worship experiences, ensuring Celebration Church continues to inspire and engage its congregation and viewers.

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