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St. Albert Alliance Church A Modern Sanctuary

Updated: Mar 1

St. Albert Alliance Church was opening a new worship facility in 2021, and with 10 years of planning almost complete, it was time for their team to begin to collaborate with an audio visual team to bring their vision of a modern church to life, one that was more than just a house of worship, but a central community space surrounded by flexible multi-purpose spaces for various events, activities, and workshops. The vision for St. Albert Alliance Church's new facility was to usher in a new era of engagement from the congregation, to energize them in the spirit and inspire them to take their experiences forth as a ministry, to live in, and share the Word of God every day. The intention was to create a living space that was dynamic to the evolving needs of the church and it's followers, as they moved with God through the milestones of their spiritual lives.

A key component of creating this lively and ever-changing space was to have a modern, flexible, and easy-to-use audio visual system for the main worship hall and it's flex rooms.

Sapphire engaged with the consultant at the St. Albert Alliance Church to assist in designing and integrating a bespoke system that is reliable and intuitive for various members of the church to use for their programs and events.

Sapphire recommended, estimated, and installed a complete AV solution that includes a vibrant LED wall to share imagery, video, musical lyrics, and visual storytelling. A spectacularly clear Danley sound system amplifies the word and song of God. A Chauvet lighting system ties the experience together, creating visual interest and encouraging focus on the church's messengers.

This totally immersive system has made St. Albert Alliance Church a leader in hosting modern worship, and community ministry. The system is easy for it's users to utilize for all the church's purposes across more than ten multi-purpose spaces, with the central worship hall at the heart of it all.



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