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Transforming Platform Calgary - Seamless AV Integration

Platform Calgary stands as a beacon of innovation and startup incubation in the Calgary business scene. Given its bustling schedule and critical role in fostering new ventures, the organization could not afford any downtime while completing their audiovisual upgrade. Platform Calgary required a flexible, user-friendly system, perfectly integrated to accommodate remote participants, all while being installed in limited windows of availability. Recognizing the complexities of the project, Platform Calgary turned to Sapphire for their expertise and commitment to excellence.

Platform Calgary faced a significant challenge: upgrading their AV systems without interrupting their packed schedule of events and activities. As an innovation hub, the need for a robust, flexible, and easily expandable system was paramount. The new AV setup had to support seamless integration with remote participants and provide high-quality audio and video performance for various events, including those held on the prominent Pitch Stage.

To meet the tight deadlines and complex requirements, Sapphire went above and beyond. Sapphire flew in additional installation technicians from other regions to ensure the project stayed on schedule. Recognizing the need for reliability, Sapphire designed redundancy into the control system to prevent any single point of failure. On the Pitch Stage, Sapphire installed a high-end L’Acoustics audio system, ensuring top-tier sound quality for presentations and events. Moreover, Sapphire designed a system architecture that allowed for easy expansion, accommodating Platform Calgary’s future growth which has already been utilized with the addition of two full classrooms.

The final solution integrated several cutting-edge technologies to create a seamless AV experience. The backbone of the system was Q-SYS-based control, which provided comprehensive and intuitive management of all AV components. Classrooms were outfitted with POE loudspeakers, ensuring clear audio delivery. Visionary Solutions video components were used to provide high-quality video distribution, while Dante audio technology ensured efficient and reliable audio networking. This all-network solution facilitated smooth integration and ease of use, making it a perfect fit for Platform Calgary’s dynamic environment.

Thanks to Sapphire’s meticulous planning and execution, Platform Calgary now boasts an AV system that meets their high standards for flexibility, usability, and integration. The upgraded system supports seamless interactions with remote participants and enhances the quality of in-person events, particularly on the Pitch Stage with its superior audio setup. The scalable network architecture ensures that Platform Calgary can continue to expand and innovate without disruption. This successful project not only met but exceeded the expectations, allowing Platform Calgary to maintain its position as a leading innovation hub.

Sapphire’s work with Platform Calgary exemplifies their ability to deliver complex AV solutions under tight constraints. By leveraging advanced technologies and strategic planning, they provided a system that supports Platform Calgary’s mission of fostering innovation and supporting startups. This project highlights the importance of robust, flexible AV systems in today’s fast-paced, interconnected business environments. Sapphire’s commitment to excellence has once again proven instrumental in driving technological advancement and operational efficiency.

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